• Grand Army Plaza (map)
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • United States

Collect! Share! Connect! Children are natural collectors, picking up and examining anything that catches their attention. At the Grand Army Plaza GrowNYC Greenmarket, Naturally Curious Nature Walks will host our very first Community Cabinet of Curiosities. We invite both young and old to share, trade, delight, and wonder in all that we observe and collect in the park. 

The plan is simple. Take a walk in Prospect Park. Collect nature specimens that catch your attention. Bring your specimens to the "Cabinet of Curiosities" table in the GrowNYC Greenmarket. Share your findings with other curious collectors and marvel in all that we have created together. Learn about the history of Cabinets of Curiosities and how they led to the beginnings of many Natural History museums all over the world. There will be ID tags and field guides so we can better identify what everyone found in the park. Let the collecting begin!