• Prospect Park (5th Street entrance) (map)
  • 95 Prospect Park West
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11215
  • United States
Photo by Torz Dallison Photography

Photo by Torz Dallison Photography

Through the use of our imaginations, architectural research, and nature observation, we will design and build  shelters together each week! This group of naturalists and architects will be asking plenty of questions and working together to find the answers! What would it feel like to live in a squirrel drey high up in the tree tops? How do birds weave grass into their nests? What is the best method to build a shelter for warmth in the winter? What architectural designs should we incorporate in our fort to allow us to observe nature? How do people use nature in their architecture in other parts of the world? We'll be building knowledge one tree branch at a time!

Every Thursday for 11 weeks.

March 15 - May 31; 3:15 - 5:15

No Fort Building on April 5.

School pick-up available from Roberts Field School and PS321. 

Fee: $425 per child; sibling discount- $400 per child
Ages: 4-9 years old

Email alicia@naturallycuriousbk.com or call 352.283.1879 to register