Hi Nature Lovers,


Getting to know your street trees is now easier than ever with NYC's Street Tree Map website. There's no need to wait until you have access to a tree field guide to know the name and characteristics of a certain tree on your block. Grab your smartphone, head over to the NYC Street Tree Map site, search the street you are on, and click on the tree you are curious about. IT'S THAT EASY!

Tell your friends and neighbors! Tell your children’s teachers! Tell the woman walking her dog on the corner!

You can also glimpse the ecological benefits that a single tree has on it's local environment: the amount of stormwater the tree has intercepted, the air pollutants it has removed, and its reduction of carbon dioxide. You certainly will never look at a street tree the same way after using this AMAZING website. Tell your friends and neighbors! Tell your children's teachers! Tell the woman walking her dog on the corner! If we, as a community, educate ourselves about the value of a single tree to the local ecosystem, our nation will begin to value our forests and natural resources more than parking lots and pipelines, creating policies to conserve the natural landscape for generations to come. 

What a fantastic resource for you and your young arborist to use while going about your daily routine! 




Meet one tree a day for a week and see how this changes and enhances your family's daily routine. Using the NYC Street Tree Map, help your child locate the tree you have chosen (MAP SKILLS for the win!) and see if the leaves and description on the site match the actual tree you are meeting. Discuss why this tree is important to your street and then thank the tree for it's hard work. If you really become tree lovers, you can start a TREE JOURNAL with pressed leaves, bark rubbings, written observations, and sketches of your favorite street trees. Write a letter or poem to your favorite tree.